How to get a domain name and hosting with eHost?

1. First of all, please click here to visit eHost

2. Please click on ‘Get Started Now!’ as you may see in the picture below:

eHost get started

3. Select the “Choose a New Domain” or “I Already Own a Domain” (if you already have a registered domain name) tab and fill in the appropriate domain name. After that, click on “Get My Domain”

4. Fill in “Full name”, “Email Address” and “Choose Password” and click “Continue”

NB! Now, by default you should have a 50% discount. Now, refresh your browser (click on the “Refresh” button) and click on the banner which appears. Please repeat the same “Refresh” action a second time. Now you have 70% discount.

5. Please provide all the necessary information, choose your hosting plan (you can buy hosting for 1, 12, 24 or 36 months) and click ‘Complete’


6. Now, eHost will prompt you: ‘Why Not Add 1 More Years Hosting?’. Click ‘No Thanks’. If you click ‘Add Additional Year’ your credit card will be charged an additional $34.95

add more year

7. Next, you will see ‘Congratulations, we are processing your upgrade!’ and in the meantime you can add extra features to your hosting. I prefer not to add anything here. If something is added by default, please remove it. Click ‘No thanks’

add feature

8. Now you will be informed that your domain will be registered for FREE. Add any extra domains if you like, taking care to ensure that ‘Domain Privacy’ is added (I really recommend that) and click ‘Continue’


9. Next, you will see the ‘Confirmation’ window


10. The final step will be to choose a control panel. This step is very important! Please choose cPanel here.

get a domain name and hosting eHost

That`s all. Now your account is set up and you can use it.