Why choose WordPress for your website?

After reading this article, you will know what WordPress is and why to choose WordPress for your website.

First, I would like to make it clear what WordPress is. It is not just a blogging platform. WordPress is a content management system that allows easy handling and controlof your website content. The platform will help you to setup a design template to structure your website. With the help of WordPress, you can create web pages and posts for your site without HTML, PHP and CSS coding knowledge. Without WordPress, it would be very difficult to optimize your website to score high in tests (including Google PageSpeed Insights).

WordPress is very easy to learn and use. Millions of people useWordPress and support each other. Installation is simple – even most beginners will manage. Please note, that many hosting providers offer ‘one click installation’ for WordPress.

WordPress popularity

It is not a secret that there are many content management systems available free on the Internet; however relying on statistics of usage, WordPress is the most popular:
CMS market share
Source: w3techs.com

The next content management system by popularity after WordPress has a market share eight times smaller, putting WordPressin a commanding position. Of course, there are certain reasons why WordPress is the best and most popular content management system in the World. The WordPress platform offersan all-in-one solution for webmasters. It has a special library for upload and storage of media files, and stores all pages and posts in MySQL database. It gives an advantage as you may easily backup or move a website.

WordPress plugins

The best feature of WordPress is the ability to install custom plugins. Plugins are additions that make WordPress better and more user-friendly. There is a special section in WordPress where you can find new plugins, moreover, you may install or uninstall them with one click. Most of them are free of charge; however, some require payment. You can find every plugin description and usage guide in aspecial section of WordPress (WordPress ‘Admin area’ -> Plugins -> Add New).

Design templates

With help of custom design templates, you can change your website`s look and it will not affect written content. This is a very important feature. You won`t need to rewrite the code and texts of your site to change the visual design. There are many templates (both free and paid)available on the Internet. Free templates are usually less customizable and developers do not support them well.


WordPress is very safe and secure for all sizes of website. The developers’ community created WordPress with security in mind. You can really trust this content management system.


It will be easy to perform optimization of the platform. I recommend using Autoptimize and W3 Total Cache WordPress plugins to dramatically improve the speed and user experience of your website and minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS codes. You will also be able to solve render-blocking code issues for your website.


WordPress allows you to change your URL format to one that is more SEO friendly. Your website`s URL will look great. Set proper metatags to your web pages with WordPress and search engines will love your website. If you do some research, you will quickly see that most popular websites on the Internet are created using the WordPress platform.

WordPress has special, built-in editors to edit visual content of web pages. You may also use user-friendly shortcodes to insert pictures, columns, videos and other content. You do not need special coding knowledge to create fantastic looking web pages.

Make the right choice to bring your website to a whole new level. Use WordPress.